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Find reduced private line prices for T1, DS1, T3, DS3, PRI, OC3, OC12, OC48, OC192, MPLS, VPLS, Ethernet, and Fast Ethernet service.




About MegaTrunks
Who we are, our site policies and how to contact us.

Welcome to We specialize in high capacity digital circuits, also known as "trunks" in the telecommunications industry. Originally developed by the phone companies to interconnect their central offices, these dedicated lines are now available for business applications such as PBX interconnection or "trunking", call center operations, enterprise network expansion, and point to point data transmission.

How Our Services Work
We are affiliates of Telarus, Inc. Telarus is a leading telecom brokerage that is able to offer services from dozens of service providers, so that you can get better prices than if you tried to do all the research yourself. If you are interested in establishing a dedicated line for a single business location or among several locations, even with an overseas location, simply enter your contact information in the handy form you'll find on most pages or call our toll free consultation number. A dedicated line expert will help you choose the most appropriate connection for the least amount of money. International private lines are available to connect most locations in the United States with many important international locations.

Use of This Site is intended to help business people who have serious applications for high speed voice and data lines. Some of these services, particularly cable and satellite broadband, are also suitable for home offices users. We are unable to support general residential applications.

About Our Articles
Our articles are intended to provide general information to a wide range of interested readers. Be sure to personally evaluate any particular carrier services to make sure they are right for your application. In particular, pay close attention to the terms and conditions that apply before you sign any agreements.

All of our material on this site is protected by United States Copyright law and may not be reused without permission. If you publish a non-competing newspaper, magazine or newsletter and would like to re-publish any of our information, please contact us. We'll probably grant permission as long as the published article contains proper attribution and mention of our web site.

Our Privacy Policy
We only use the information you give us to help you shop for private line services and, if appropriate, create proposals and orders. Your private information is never sold to third party marketing organizations.

Contact Information
If you have questions or comments regarding this website, please send them to MTcontact (at)

Find High Performance Bandwidth For Your Business
Save now on T1, E1, PRI, T3, DS3, OC3, OC12, OC48, MPLS, VPLS, SIP Trunks, Business Cable DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1, Wireless 4G LTE, High Speed Satellite and Ethernet over Copper and Fiber Optic high speed line services for PBX phone, point to point private line, cloud connectivity, and converged enterprise VoIP & data networks. Managed SDN Software Defined Networking and SD-WAN available, as desired. Find out in seconds what network services and pricing are available now for your business (not residential) location anywhere in the U.S., including many rural areas. Simply use this handy form...


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Our extensive cloud and telecom line services are provided by Telarus, Inc., a premier cloud broker and master agency. Please provide accurate phone & email contact information or call toll free for support anytime at 1-888-848-8749. All information you provide will be used only to support your inquiry and will not be shared.


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